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precision gps Android app

Welcome to Science with Android!

This site will feature information about Android apps relating to science, especially experimental science.

In addition to news about our apps, this site will feature other apps for Android devices. When equipped with the right apps, an Android phone or tablet can be powerful scientific tool.

Modern Android devices come equipped with some or all of the following types of sensors:
- gps
- gyroscope
- magnetometer
- accelerometer
- pressure
- light
- camera
- microphone
- temperature
Many Android apps use these sensors in clever ways to measure several aspects of our surroundings (and ourselves). These include position, motion, distance, altitude, azimuth, wind speed, mass/weight, and heartbeat and breathing rates.
To date, sciencewithandroid has produced five apps (actually eight if you count the free and pro versions separately). They are:
 - Cardiorespiratory Monitor
 - Working Scale
 - Precision GPS
 - Accurate Thermometer
 - Surveyor Tools

A separate page is provided for each app (click 'APPS' on navigation bar at top of the page or one of the pictures on the side panel).


We also have a blog, which we will update semi-regularly. There, we will announce our new apps and app updates, review apps, and write about Android products related to experimental and citizen science. We will also have guest blogs.


Come back soon for more. In the meantime, if you have a cool Android app that can be used as a scientific tool, please email us about it at and we might describe it on our site!