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New App - Accurate Thermometer Free

Yesterday, Science with Android published its latest Android app, Accurate Thermometer Free. You might ask "Why another thermometer app? Aren't there enough in the Android stores?" True, there are many apps that have "thermometer" in their names, but do they provide an accurate reading of the ambient temperature?


Thermometer apps determine temperature either from information from the Internet specific to your location, or else they use the built-in battery temperature sensor. Accurate Thermometer Free uses the latter approach. So, what makes it different from other Android apps that use the same sensor?


Accurate Thermometer Free only counts a temperature measurement as accurate if the Android device has been sitting motionless with the screen off for at least 20 minutes. This ensures that the device has been been held in your hand or kept in your pocket for that period. It also requires your device to have been asleep. Only then has the device had sufficient time for its temperature to come into near equilibrium with the ambient environment. Any small remaining difference between the device and its surroundings is taken into account with a simple offset. The app includes a default offset value, but you can change it with a simple calibration procedure.


A pro version of Accurate Thermometer Free is in the works.

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