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Working Scale

Working Scale uses your phone's sensors to measure the mass of a small object placed on it. It is based on the physics principle that many ordinary objects cam be approximately modeled as springs.

For example, if you place your Android device on a carpet and gently push down on one end with your finger, it will come back to its original position after you remove your finger. The carpet has spring-like properties.

Working Scale is designed to make use of the spring-like properties of common objects in combination with a known mass (a "calibration mass") to measure an unknown mass. It tracks your device's changing angle using its built-in motion sensors. You prepare your Android device by placing a calibration mass near one end while it is resting on a spring-like object. After this step, the mass of any small object placed on top of the calibration mass can be determined.

Place your Android device face-up on a carpet, sofa cushion, slightly inflated Zip-lock bag (good), flexible ice pack(s) (best), folded towel, or any other "springy" object. It helps to place a small piece of paper on your Android device where you plan to place the calibration mass. This makes it less likely that it will slide.

A "settings" screen allows you to set the mass of the calibration object, how many calibration objects to use, and whether the displayed units are in grams or ounces.

Use Working Scale to do science experiments, measure small quantities of ingredients for a recipe, or make a game of guessing masses.

The accuracy is about +/- 0.1 grams. Unlike other apps on the market that purport to 'simulate' the measurement of mass or weight, this one is NOT a gag app!


Working Scale comes in free and pro versions. They are available on the Google Play market:

Working Scale Free

Working Scale Pro


Screenshot of the main screen of the pro version of Working Scale. This screenshot was taken during the calibration step, when the user is asked to place the calibration mass on the device.

Screenshot of the settings screen of the pro verion of Working Scale.